Wednesday, February 2, 2011

One of our 8th grade English teachers created the neatest bulletin board for the Winter Holiday. The title was Figurative Furs. She cut out and stapled four large, at least 4 ft "Christmas Tree" silhouettes. One Fur was the Metaphor Fur, one was the Simile Fur, the Personification Fur and the Hyperbole Fur. She gave each student four ornament shaped cutouts. Their assignment was to write a seasonal metaphor, simile, idiom and hyperbole, then decorate the cutout. The ornaments were then attached to the corresponding tree. It was so creative. I took all my classes down to look at and read their examples.
I'm currently putting up a Simile Snowman and a Metaphor Mountain outside my door. The students love to have their work up and admired by others.
Talking about rice, have you had your students go to It was in our SOL Review Ideas for High Student Engagement. Thank you SURN! It is a lot of fun and addictive, too.
Brooks Spencer - Cedar Lee Middle School - Fauquier County