Saturday, December 11, 2010

Helping Struggling Readers

My students are experiencing a great deal of success using a variety of reading strategies and ideas from Power Tools. Although this in not new for my students, it is for some of their other classes. I notice teachers in my building adopting some of the ideas from Power Tools into their own classrooms. I had to laugh when one of my students said he told his science teachers that she needed to "borrow some ideas from my reading class to help us understand this science stuff." "I get it in here, but it is harder in my other classes. " He said his teachers needed to give "us a purpsoe in reading like you do." :)

Scrapbooks: To Kill a Mockingbird

My 9th grade reading students are combining powertools with a scrapbook project after reading To Kill a Mockingbird. Students will create a scrapbook from Scout's point of view. My 4th block is especially excited about the project.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Power Tools help with Understanding of Complex Text

While teaching The Odyssey I am finding myself turning to the Power Tools time after time. The complexity of The Odyssey baffles most of my ninth graders, however marginalia, reading/thinking/questioning, and the occasional golden lines turns the epic poem into an easy to comprehend adventure story for the majority of my students. There are some students that are have trouble using the Power Tools. It appears that for some the extra work is something that they are choosing not to do. I am not giving up, Power Tools works when the students put forth the extra effort.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Power Tools Help with a Struggling Learner

During a parent teacher conference one mom shared with me recommendations from a learning specialist her son had seen. Imagine my delight when I looked in the Power Tools book and found activities anad organizers that fit his learning needs!