Monday, December 6, 2010

Power Tools help with Understanding of Complex Text

While teaching The Odyssey I am finding myself turning to the Power Tools time after time. The complexity of The Odyssey baffles most of my ninth graders, however marginalia, reading/thinking/questioning, and the occasional golden lines turns the epic poem into an easy to comprehend adventure story for the majority of my students. There are some students that are have trouble using the Power Tools. It appears that for some the extra work is something that they are choosing not to do. I am not giving up, Power Tools works when the students put forth the extra effort.

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  1. Frankie,
    There is a great version of the Odyssey on line that provides clever cartoon picture support. It summarizes the story in clear and concise language for struggling readers. Visualizing is a great tool to use with the Odyssey. I always look forward to the storyboards students creat each year.