Thursday, September 23, 2010

SURN Lesson Plan

Completing the SURN lesson plan ended up being a bit more challenging than I expected. I felt myself having to cut back. I kept trying to pack too much into the lesson. Once I finished it, I had to take a step back.
Then, I remembered what they told us at the conference about teaching the Magnificent 7 Comprehension Strategies. My mistake was trying to put too much in too early . Once I took that step back, I was able to rework a few things to keep it simple but hopefully effective.


  1. Scaffolding the learning experience certainly pays dividends as I hope you will see as students use the strategies. It is tempting to fill up a lesson as one does with a plate at Thanksgiving, yet focusing on a good balanace lets one walk a way fulfilled as opposed to uncomfortably stuffed.

  2. What was the result of the first assessment after you used the comprehension strategies?

  3. The essays that the students completed after reading and activities were more detailed and went further than I expected them to be.