Sunday, October 4, 2009

Literacy Lesson-Accomplished!!!

Hello All,
Just wanted to let you all know that I did implement my Literacy Lesson on Matter last Thursday and Friday. It went great!

We focused on the Mag 7 (Asking Questions). I read a poem from the picture book Science Verse entitled, What's the Matter? and the kids loved it. We went through and form questions about each one of the stanzas and then I gave them a graphic organizer called Main Idea/Detail Chart in which they took notes on about Matter and its states. Upon completion of our notetaking on Matter, we then went back to our poem and answered the questions that they formed.

The lesson ended up with the students creating a 3 flap foldable on Matter's States-Solids, Liquids, and Gases while listening to the song Shake, Rattle and Roll on an iPod download. The song Shake, Rattle, and Roll help the kids to remember what the particle movement was like within a solid, liquid, or gas.

It was definitely an experience and I know my kids got much more understanding from using the strategy of Asking Questions!!


  1. Thanks for sharing Kelly! I am glad the lesson went as you designed it to go. The use of music, text, and the foldable certainly hit multiple learning styles as well to support the content.

  2. I was also able to implement my literacy lesson in math where we read the book Twizzlers Percentages book to teach my students lesson on fractions, decimals and percent. I was excited about this since this is the first time I will use some of the strategies I learned from the conference.In this lesson , the students activated their prior knowledge and was able to connect what they know to the present lesson.The lesson went well as planned.

  3. As an English teacher, I am especially delighted in your use of poetry! More than this personal bias, however, the lesson is clearly interactive. Your decription makes me wish I were a student in that same class, and remids me that I need to look into incororating other genres, songs, and hands-on learning activities.