Friday, October 16, 2009

Literacy Lesson Plan

I have really enjoyed using the literacy strategies that were taught at the conference in my Physical science class. It's amazing how 8th grade students enjoy picture books and literature being read to them.

I have implemented strategies such as: Somebody Wanted But So, graphic organizers, foldables and Marginalia. I can truly see a difference in my students interest and comprehension of the lessons being taught in class.

I plan to continue using these strategies as well as others with my students and share them with my team members during our planning time.


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  1. Picture books have been a blast with my seventh grade science students as well!! I am glad to see that they are working for you as well. Thank you SURN for giving us books that have some science content and relation.
    I have encorporated poems from different websites as well for a couple of the SOLs. My students seem to like those equally as much!! Hope your school year is a continued success!!