Monday, October 12, 2009

Power Tools Workshops for Your Colleagues

The workshop that inspired this blog and led to these postings is being offered November 16-17, 2009 in Williamsburg, VA. The blog authors have already attended and gained much from their time with the Dynamic Duo of Jan Rozzelle and Carol Scearce. Consider registering for the workshop, Power Tools in Adolescent Literacy.

If you have already been to the workshop, share the "best" aspect of the workshop with others in this blog and encourage others to attend.

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  1. I attended this conference over the summer and really enjoyed all aspects of it!! The presenters had such a high enthusiasm level that captivated the audience, you left the conference pumped up about using these strategies in your classroom. I liked the idea that we truly learned how to incorporate the strategies in the “Power Tools for Adolescent Literacy” book. The best part for me was that the strategies were modeled to us. We took on the role of “students” and sometimes we didn’t know it was a strategy in the book until after completing the task. It allowed you to “see” what the strategy looked like “acted out.” It is a great opportunity, if you have the chance to attend you will learn some great strategies to incorporate in the classroom.